Modesty & Humility in Business Leaders

Modesty and humility – two of the most talked of and desired traits but also, two of the hardest to find. When we interview potential candidates who speak of themselves in a way that indicates that they acquire such qualities including both these traits in particular, but once they come into practice, their demeanour speaks of a different picture. 

In this article, we understand the importance of modesty and humility on top leadership of businesses that want to journey toward success. As an owner of a business and a leader itself, a good portion of your focus must be directed to hiring the best-skilled staff and the other half, to get resources and managers that are modest and humble. 

Lets see how a modest and humble leadership can set you on the right growth track. 

Encouraging Inclusivity

There is a good reason so much emphasis is laid upon team building in the corporate environment. Great businesses become great because of great teams and leaders who carry the two traits in equation while taking their teams forward with them, promote inclusivity in diverse environments, giving chances to every member grow regardless of their demographic and other details. Rather they are interested in helping everyone grow.

Guidance and Trust 

A leadership that lacks modesty is one that is unreceptive to input in the form of ideas or active participation from others, pushed by their lack of trust in others. Insecurities like these embed onto leaders and enable a kind of behaviour that is hardly ever open to experimentation. 

Make sure that the people you appoint in positions of leaders trust their subordinates or colleagues and keep their temperament calm and attentive, without unnecessarily pestering the people that they are trying to lead. Sure, there are times when intervention is necessary. But at other times, it is important to guide your team, let the team work and trust them to deliver results.


If modesty and humility are traits that make up the personality and character of a person, they turn up to be leaders who take accountability and responsibility, admit when they make mistakes or when something goes wrong due to their negligence. Leadership that lacks these traits are often found playing the blame game when things do not go as planned and end up searching for scapegoats who would take the blame for their shortcomings instead of working to make up for the damage done. 

Great leaders are known to handle pressure well and are there to defend their team. If anything goes wrong, they become the first ones to take responsibility and prioritise immediate action to help the faults. Only leaders as such have managed to make great names in the industry and offer great benefits to the businesses. 

Traits of Temperament 

A modest and humble leader is often the calmest, most contained person in the room who responds actively with forethought. And guess what, you need to have that in order for your business to grow. It may not look like a direct connection, but personal demeanours of leaders have a positive correlation with the success of the organization they operate in. A leadership that is jumpy and irrational can bring the business to its knees fast.

There are countless examples of businesses that have come to a standstill because their leadership is arrogant and unwilling to adopt more workable ways of functioning. 

You need calm and composed leadership if you want to go far and establish yourself in the top-tier.

An Optimistic Outlook

This is probably the best trait that a modest and humble leadership can get for your business. Optimism means seeing the bigger picture and working hard to achieve the goals. Modest leaders can see long-term and work with a vision. 

You need that kind of resources to grow.

How to get all this for your Business?

Not every business has the right leadership. But every business can work in the right direction. We help businesses grow by training their management and leadership so that they can operate better and grow.

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