People Payroll Card

Constituting part of the larger Payroll Management Service offered by People Perfect Advisory is the People Payroll Card. This card allows employees who do not have bank accounts to withdraw their salaries directly from any ATM in the UAE. By redefining the salary payment process, People Payroll Card completely eliminates the possibility of untimely salary disbursement and removes dependency from banks. 

It makes payroll disbursement easy and hassle free, saving time and effort for you and your respective employees. While this card is the ideal solution for non-office workers/ non-managerial staff, the product and its services extend to employees of all industries and types.

Various functions of the People Payroll Card include:

Benefits to Employees

Easy Cash Withdrawal
Pin Protected Card
Zero Bank Dependency
Worldwide Acceptance

Benefits to Employers

Instant Cash Disbursement
WPS/MOL Compliance
Online SFI/RRI Conversion
Real Time Reporting


People processes more than 55 million AED of payroll every year in the UAE region alone