Augmented Outsourcing Technology

Augmented Outsourcing Technology (AOT) is the symbiosis of Self-Service HR Tech and HR Outsourcing Services. Through People-i, we provide our clients with a reliable platform to store & manage all HR information, execute daily HR processes as well as acquire HR Services from People™️. AOT can accommodate far more complex business requirements than traditional HR Software by allowing and facilitating intervention from HR Experts as and when required.

Organizations Using People-i

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The seven “Client-Side Portals” provide individual access to all members of client’s organization and are connected through a customizable web of approvals and notifications to allow communication across multiple hierarchies in a real time environment. The “People-Side” portals allow People to intervene in and oversee processing as per a client’s requirements to facilitate in data correction, policy implementation and strategic consultancy.

These portals can be used to execute an extensive amount of HR Processes divided under Six Modules. Although People-I can operate as an independent self-service HR system, each module comprises a distinct set of features that optimize use of Augmented Outsourcing Technology.

People-i operates on a cloud-based, SAAS model – Therefore the regular updates and improvements added the above mentioned modules are seamlessly accessible to existing clients whenever they are added. This model also relieves clients of security or server maintenance concerns, making People-i the most manageable, reliable and efficient form of HR technology available today.

HR Services
Compensation & Benefits
Performance Management
Recruitment & Selection

Augmented Outsourcing Technology is the symbiosis of HR Self-Service Tech and HR Outsourcing Services

People™ provides Augmented Outsourcing Technology to streamline our clients HR functions remotely, using our signature platform:


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