6 Methods of International Expansion for Businesses

There comes a time when a business has to inevitably expand and when it comes to expansion, there are many ways to go about it with each method requiring very specific knowledge, circumstances, and requirements that qualify it for that particular method.

As such, before you consider expansion, it is essential to consider the information surrounding each method. We have compiled a basic blog on six methods of international expansion. 

Managing an Expansion Process In-house

The first and most basic method of expansions is in-house expansions. This means handling all mobility structure developments yourself, identifying limitations, requirements, wants, needs, and more in-house. But this method is open-ended, time-consuming, and requires a lot of research and commitment. 

  • Employment vs. emigration.
  • Physical presence vs. In-Country Partner (ICP).
  • Financial regulations.
  • Employee management.


Exporting is arguably the most common way to enter a new market. It is efficient and simple as exporting can give you a reason to pursue and explore that new market. And it allows your products to dodge local expenses as you are not established in that place yet. 

While it is a common method, it is also a big investment, the costs and environmental risks of which can be high. So, you will have to deal with those as best you can.

Licensing Arrangements

This method is relatively low-risk compared to other methods of global expansion. It is done through contractual agreements which allow local companies to use your intellectual property. 

Here are different kinds of agreements:


A great method of global expansion is partnership. Partnerships and alliance with local embedded and established countries has many strategic advantages. And partnerships are seen as mutually beneficial for both, the established company and the one that wants to enter the local market..

Another benefit of this method is that it can help smaller business ventures to expand quite well. As a partner can help fulfil the capital requirements that the company might not be able to fulfil otherwise.

International partnerships can also bridge the business gaps between two markets quite well too. But it should be remembered that a partnership means compromises. And so, you should properly analyze any potential partnership opportunities well.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A method where two firms or organizations merge into one or one takes over the others is another great method of global expansion, as it allows you an already established presence in the country. But a merger also requires you to have enough funds to complete such a deal. 

This method os quite quick, and if managed well, can accelerate entry into a new market. 

With mergers and acquisitions, vigorous analysis of the laws, rules and regulations of the country are required, which can be a tedious task that takes a lot of time. And there are many local laws that limit the level of influence of the entering company.

Mergers and acquisitions are also risky and can result in no rise in company influence.

Global PEO

Global PEOs are an efficient method to establish your expansion presence in a country without first establishing yourself locally as a legal entity. Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is one way you can hire employees within the country. PEOs can help manage payroll obligations and global talent acquisition. One of the employment agencies that is vast in experience and is based in Karachi is People. 

There are many methods and ways to ensure a successful global expansion venture. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a recruitment agency in Karachi that can help you with a PEO venture, then People is the organization for you.