BATA partners with People™ for digital HR Transformation

Bata has now joined the list of major enterprises in Pakistan partnering with People™ to streamline their HR Function. People™ has on-boarded and taken the responsibility of automating Bata’s intricate payroll system, where we will be managing more than 2000 of their employees.

Bata’s operations in Pakistan date back to 1942, making the company an entity that has been around for the longest time – pre-dating the country’s history. Being one of the largest operators in the South Asian region, it is inevitable for any company to invite an increasingly large scale of work, a network of people that greatly exceeds the number of a regular working force and consequently, matters of human resource that require immediate attention and expert handling. People™, in this very regard holds compelling credibility in terms of professional expertise and years of experience it has spent and earned a place at the leading front of Pakistan’s HR industry.

Due to the scale of Bata’s HR requirements, Bata has pursued People™, to come into collaboration and conduct the transformation of their HR functions. From here on forward, People™, will undertake the responsibility of completely digitizing Bata’s payroll processes through its distinctive HR management software, People-i, and conduct the company’s payroll processes for its massive workforce. This automation project is intended to simplify procedures for a company that operates a very large network of employees.

Through decades of practicing this expertise, People™ is able to undertake complex and big projects, conducting procedures that can help big players attain full ease and efficiency in managing HR processes freeing the time and expense on hours-worth of work and receiving services of the highest standard.