People™ and TechTitans hold a joint panel discussion on Moonlighting

On 11th November 2022 – People ™ invited members of Pakistan’s HR industry to be part of a joint panel discussion with TechTitans, on the practice of ‘moonlighting’ – a concept that is believed to have taken pace in Pakistan as a response to the conditions posed in the job market of the post-covid era. The discussion was joined by panelists with long-standing experience in the field and shared combined insights under the theme ‘moonlighting – boon or bane?’

The purpose of this event, as stated by the Head of Marketing and Product Development at People™ – Abrahim Butt, was to bring together the diverse set of people Pakistan’s human resource industry consists of to discuss the important issues HR policymakers are contending with, and to come to a consensus on the ways to move forward. People’s sales and marketing teams were able to detect a pattern in employee preferences and thought it was important to address two important aspects that remained to be the focus of the panel’s discussion, including firstly, the increasing concerns of employees who believe that their financial and career-development needs are not met by being committed to one organization at a time and secondly, organizations who believe employees are most productive when their time and efforts are less divided in between more than one companies. The founder of TechTitans, Hassan Raza, took to the press to highlight that employers needed to think about the circumstances caused to employees by the prevailing culture that expects them to comply with policies that bind them to one company and limits them to explore other financial options or opportunities for potential growth.

We were able to bring together a diverse panel of renowned HR experts from different groups who weighed in the discussion that was moderated by Madiha Khan – Manager Learning and Resource Mobilization. Seated at the panel were: Saba Chaudhary, Supply Chain Professional at Nestle and Afsheen Iftikhar, Director at Stewart – speakers who placed their emphasis in the discussion on curating better rewarding systems within organizations as a way to achieving grounds where employees could attain the benefits that they find in working dual jobs without having to work endless hours to have their needs met, and that organizations too could continue to benefit from their employees’ undivided attention onto the goals set for them. The panelists were joined by Khurram Rana, Assistant VP at i2c Inc, who focused his speaking time on the imminent compromise on employees’ mental health that comes with juggling jobs. Other panelists who weighed in included Salman Farooq – Head of HR at Shaukat Khanum, Adeel Anwar – Head of HR at Fatima Company and Muhammad Ali Khan – Head of HR at Hameed Latif Hospital. A group of professionals who drew from their individual experiences and shared their knowledge in the field to better inform the course of the debate.

As a HR agency that has spent a significant amount of time in the industry and employed its expertise to shape and influence change in this sector, People™ has been continuing to lead the way in making the industry more dynamic by being adaptable to modern cultures and equipped to confront the advancement of the global business environment. The way to achieve this was to crate a space that would bring together market experts and specialists who occupy important positions in the industry and hold a discussion to draw from each of their experiences and give their input. We were happy to have connected with other experts in this conjoined endeavor and look forward to holding productive sessions and debates in the future.