What Are The Two HR Challenges Faced by Organizations?

Human Resources is the selection, recruitment, deployment, and management of staff in an organization. Human resources are often abbreviated as ‘HR’. The human resources department of a company or organization is usually responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the policies that govern employees and the organization’s interactions with employees. There may be many issues related to human resources, but these two are the ones that are important to address.

Talent attraction

Competitive salaries and benefits packages are key to attracting people to your business. However, to truly compete, you need to go deeper and provide meaningful experiences and a better sense of purpose for your employees.

To attract the ideal people to your company, you first need to understand the needs of the job and the goals of the company. However, as responsibilities and expectations are constantly changing in today’s workplace, adapting your recruitment approach to changes in company culture can be challenging. A great place to start addressing these challenges in 2022 is to look at how and where your organization posts job vacancies. Then identify which platforms and media are most likely to be used by your targeted talent, and direct your marketing activities towards them.

Your employer brand can help communicate this purpose and attract the people it inspires. There is no need to create a company culture that appeals to everyone. That is unachievable and will result in a watered-down brand that appeals to almost everyone. Instead, focus and build an employer brand based on your most valuable and distinctive qualities.

Now it’s time to filter the potential candidates you’ve sourced through your promotional activities. Instead of focusing on how well a candidate is suited to the job, it’s more important than ever to focus on how well they will fit into the organization. For example, design interview questions that assess the candidate’s openness to learning, willingness to take on HR challenges, and comfort level with change and adapting to the changing nature of the job. By focusing on these key qualities, you will be much more likely to build a team of employees that will be able to remain flexible and comfortable with change, even as the needs of the organization change and evolve over time. It is therefore very important to overcome this HR challenge in order to remain attuned to the future of your organization, rather than judging whether employees are fit for today.

Adapting to change

Adapting to organizational change is very important as it affects all aspects of the working environment, from the work environment to the nature of competition to customer contact. Whether the change is managerial, structural, procedural, or technological, it will cause some pain among your staff. Especially today, when so many organizations are being forced to adapt in ways they have never changed before to accommodate the effects of a business pandemic, the uncertainty created by change can cause extremely high levels of anxiety among your staff.

Human resources departments often manage employee morale, satisfaction, and cooperation during times of change. They now need to regularly upskill team members to better prepare them to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

Addressing these HR challenges is extremely complex and will be greatly influenced by the kind of changes that are taking place in your company. While many companies face similar pressures of change due to the global scenario, the methods your HR department uses to best prepare your team members will vary. A good starting point for companies is to strive for frequent and transparent communication before, during, and after the transition period. Ensure sufficient warning and notice of impending changes, and provide people with the skills and competencies they need to adapt and cope with change.

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