People™ Expands Business Operations to Afghanistan

People is set to launch its first office in Afghanistan after being granted an official business license by the Afghan government. Along with major organizations and cooperation from the Afghan government itself, People will be joining the road to development in various sectors. We have excelled with our partners in years worth of projects that were conducted conjointly, in Pakistan – we intend to continue these partnerships by letting our services transcend borders and extend to Afghanistan, to replicate all of the successes that we have experienced in development working with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), UNICEF, UN-Women, and others, in our neighboring country.

The practical outcomes of this settlement are manifold; to state the initial stages of what we envision with international partners working in development, comes the physical establishment our first office on the ground, opening doors to job opportunities to civilian populations and giving rise to local economic development, while also allowing effective management of all projects. Along with our services, we also extend our core principles that involve creating equal opportunities and diverse workspaces. Adhering to government policy on employment and how to conduct business, People will be opening opportunities to qualified and talented individuals of all backgrounds.

Starting this endeavor with the hope to facilitate market growth, help create economic stability and expand through our services, the development sector of Afghanistan. This is how People operates; we collaborate across sectors, including the government and the corporate, to expand the reach of our services to create better circumstances for civil society.