People™ and Food Panda train female entrepreneurs

People conducted recruitment and training for Food Panda’s home-based earning program that was curated to support women to start independent businesses. This program required a two-stage process involving contact for recruitment and a series of detailed training sessions that were given to all candidates.

In the first stage of the process, our teams carried out interviews with women who were looking for a platform that would present their food service to a larger online audience, and deliver their products across. We were able to meet with and recruit around fifty women who would then avail training on how to start and conduct business. This arrangement not only made for existing small-scale or home-based businesses to push for growth, but also, to create opportunities for women who carried the dream to start their own businesses from the security of their homes.

In the second stage of the process, People’s training teams conducted a 4-day training schedule to explain and teach important concepts in business that can benefit startup businesses grow. These business concepts included lectures on entrepreneurship and marketing – through examples and involvement of candidates’ individual, personal ideas; we were able to explain how businesses and products can be marketed through social media and other platforms that are in-reach and easy to navigate. Important guidelines on food safety and hygiene were also detailed to help create clean kitchen environments at home. The training also involved basic-level learning of Excel and the usage of the Food Panda app with the recruited participants.

People supports all types of business ventures by providing expert services of the highest standard. We curate the course and process of each of our services to match with the individual needs of all our clients’ needs – to ensure that we bring carefully, everything that they envision into reality.