Policy Meets Practice: Polio Eradication Campaign

On 19th August 2022, People provided to the members selected to pilot the Polio Eradication program with UNICEF with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – the provision of which was made part of policy as an immediate response to the consequences of the pandemic and is also being implemented throughout the process of the campaign.

When recruiting for programs and campaigns that undertake the responsibility of overseeing the largest provinces, and are as large-scale as the Polio Eradication Program, it is important to take proper care of the effective delivery of the first stages of the process – such as the distribution of information, selection and official recruitment of viable candidates – it is also integral to success of the campaign that we think proactively to ensure that our recruited forces setting on the program are fully equipped and therefore ready to manage any difficulty that may arise. In this case, making sure to take all precautionary measures to remain physically healthy and protected throughout the journey. To do this 10,108 facemasks and 715 hand sanitizers were distributed among the staff ready to set afoot for the August campaign.

We are happy to report that the management at People has always succeeded at supporting members of the program in ways that battle the challenges put forward during each time. Last year in June, we made sure to provide for the staff conducting the UNICEF Polio Drive with essential appliances helping them through challenges they were faced with, due the extremely high recorded temperatures that they were conducting the polio drive in.