EasyPaisa And People Sign MOU For Tech Partnership

EasyPaisa and People Signed MOU for Tech Partnership


In a big step towards making Salaries and other payments more accessible to Pakistan’s workforce, EasyPaisa has joined hands with People (Professional Employers Pvt Ltd), to create an integrated Payment Solution.

People is one of the largest providers of HR and Outsourcing services in Pakistan, that recruits and outsources employees for major organizations like UNICEF, Huawei, IBM and Nielsen.

The technological partnership of People and EasyPaisa entails the integration of People’s Corporate Payment Processing solution (People-i) with EasyPaisa’s Financial Technology Platform. Effectively creating a singular platform for recording, calculation and disbursement for all sorts of corporate payments like Employee Salaries.

The partnership strengthens the technological capability of small and large business owners who can use this platform to ensure that salaries and other payments are disbursed in a timely manner, regardless of bank accessibility or location.

People has been continuously working to improve and simplify the salary disbursement process to the tens of thousands of employees outsourced to us by various clients. One of our major challenges in this has been to overcome problems that are pushed by geographical imbalances in Pakistan – affecting the people living in these spaces.

This plan is especially being created and implicated to accommodate many of our employees that are located in non-urban or geographically difficult regions, or otherwise, who will be able to register without extensive travelling and conduct all their monetary transactions through their phones.

This will be done with assistance from Telenor’s Easy Paisa services that will disburse all payrolls, allowing employees to attain their salaries without repeatedly going through traditional banking systems – at any location and any time – so the thousands of employees that are outsourced to people and placed throughout Pakistan can benefit from this step.

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